Folk Alliance International Supports Community with Launch of The Village Fund

It’s official! The Folk Alliance International understands how hard life has been during the pandemic for musicians and workers. They have dedicated launching community support and a backing program called The Village Fund, which supports workers and musicians for the ongoing isolation concerns.

Currently, the Folk Alliance International took measures to open the Annual Folk Unlocked conference to the public! The director of the Folk Alliance International expresses that it’s going to be an enormous door of opportunity for donors and attendees to enjoy listening to folk music and getting to appreciate it with new insights.

Through the creative funding support, Folk Alliance International is looking to raise over $100,000 and distribute up to 200 grants to the musical professionals and artists that are having a troublesome time through the pandemic. The Folk Unlocked conference will hold performances that are pre-recorded and will showcase spotlight artists with multiple performers. It will have a live chat available for the artists and the audience who can interact as the show goes on. This is an exceptional event that will not only support the community but support the artists and musicians that are driven to provide their creativity to the world.

With a network of over 3000 members, Folk Alliance International is expanding their resources to improve mental health awareness, provide campaigns for recovery sessions, and health insurance support for those in need. With this new opportunity available to the public through the means of showcasing spotlight performances, with access to live chat, the isolation is resolved and the artists and musicians get critical help in a time of need.

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